The twin flame journey: Do we all have a twin flame?

There is so much myth surrounding the concept of twin flames, and like all myths there is some truth hidden within the stories, but be careful of taking it as a literal explanation.

I have explored the origin of twin flames in a bit of depth, and find the reasons for why such a deep connection exists tends to be a bit overly romantic and idealistic.

The idea that we all have a twin flame, and it is the other half of our soul is just something I don’t resonate with at all. It strikes me as a plot to a romantic movie, and not necessarily a plot that exists in real life. The suggestion that this split occurred at the beginning of time bothers me even more. This reasoning would suggest we all have a twin flame, but it also suggests we are somehow incomplete and faulty until we reunite with our other half….hmmm, not convinced.

Another suggestion is that a twin flame is an incarnation of the same soul twice. Basically this would mean that your soul has decided within this lifetime to experience two different perspectives, and meeting would be part of the plan. Again the idea around this one is often that we all have a twin flame, but you will only meet if you are ready for that experience. Now, while I think the idea of a soul stream projecting into two bodies is actually fairly realistic and possible, the suggestion that meeting is because you’re ready doesn’t really sit right with me. The problem with this idea is that many people find themselves on a twin flame path who have a lot of healing and inner work to do and aren’t actually ready, so why would some souls have this experience and not others?

A third concept I came across is that you are an energetic match, like a duplicate, and because of this you are very drawn to each other. So a different soul, but made of the same stuff. This idea does seem to exist in the absence of any romantic ideals, and doesn’t say one way or the other if we all have a twin flame. The theory seems to be that when your souls were created, they were created basically out of the same spark (so to speak).

Personally I feel that not everyone does have a twin flame, mostly because I don’t actually agree these theories are necessarily accurate. One possibility I have thought is that perhaps a number of theories exist because twins can occur a number of different ways. Maybe sometimes a soul has split because it’s ready to, maybe other times it split at the beginning, and perhaps other times it is one soul sending itself into multiple people. This is why I largely feel the reason is a little irrelevant, although interesting to explore, it doesn’t really change the experience in any way shape or form.

It is also worth remembering that any deep soul connection that exists across lifetimes, no matter why it is this deep, is going to have all the hallmarks of a twin flame path, whether it is a twin or not.

So why do I feel that not everyone has one? Well, it just seems unlikely. I think we are whole complete souls, all of us. If we split at any point it’s because our soul had evolved enough to create two complete souls, whole in their own right. If you are having a twin flame experience it is simply because that is the experience you wanted as a soul in this lifetime, perhaps over many lifetimes. I don’t believe we are all in the same place within our own soul evolution, so not all of us are going to want or need this experience right now, and honestly, I think the world would be in chaos if we all took a twin flame path at the same time. I don’t believe that any amount of inner work is going to help you meet your twin either. Many on this path didn’t look for the experience, and many looking to meet their twin wont.

If you don’t have a twin flame, this doesn’t mean you cannot experience deep love. Soul mates can provide an equally deep connection, and the relationship will likely be easier. Spiritually it isn’t necessary to have a twin flame to learn the lessons available on that path. Inner work and healing is for everyone.

If you do have one, you may find one of these reasons do resonate, but if not that is okay too. Always look within for answers, see what your intuition tells you on why, it might not be any of these reasons for you. Ultimately, the reasons are just possibilities. You would be on the path no matter how much learning on the topic you do, and would still be moving towards the ultimate gift this path provides, the gift of unconditional love for yourself, your twin, and for all that is.

Twin flames, divine counterparts & deep soul connections: A deeper truth

If you are reading this page right now, it’s likely that you find yourself on this path whether you wanted to be or not.

You have probably read extensively on it, trying to decide if this is really what is happening to you, or if you are just experiencing yet another soul lesson (equally valuable, but we tend to judge our own paths).

Amongst experts, you will find a variety of opinions; that they don’t exist, that it’s just karmic, that twin flames aren’t meant to come together, or that they are once you have healed. It can all leave you feeling a bit overwhelmed, and likely no closer to feeling any certainty.

Sometimes this information comes from spiritual gurus, other times it’s from those who have come into union, and of course from those not in union but very much on the path.

At times it can feel as if the community surrounding this idea has formed its own religion, other times it can feel as if no one understands and that you are on this path alone…you aren’t by the way, it’s just a feeling. Ego plays nasty tricks.

The conclusion I ended up coming to? It actually doesn’t really matter, this isn’t an uncommon experience in reality, you can join a group to feel less alone, or just explore on your own. I find the labels are really very irrelevant, if you find yourself exploring this topic it is because you are having some sort of deep connection, and likely it isn’t going how you would like.

No one outside of you can tell you if this is really a twin flame experience or isn’t, only you know (doubt is normal too for everyone). Equally, no one can actually make a generalisation that twin flames are meant to come together or aren’t. Since like many things in life it is an individual journey, there is no outside source that can say how it is or isn’t meant to go.

There is also no rulebook. You aren’t required to let go, or move on, or any other action that someone may have told you is needed. The deeper truth is no matter what, you are exactly where you are meant to be right now, and there are no real mistakes. So flow with it, enjoy the highs, curse the lows, and surf the waves of what is a very difficult path.

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