Underlying spiritual and psychological reasons for illness, and why I’m calling BS on it

As someone who has endured lengthy periods of debilitating chronic illness (and I mean years), I find the idea that there might be a psychological or spiritual reason behind it a bit difficult.

This isn’t to say I don’t think it holds any truth, I actually think it is very valid and holds a lot of truth. But from the very earth based 3D reality I live in, it is a little irrelevant.

Sure, I can absolutely see how long term chronic illness has helped me evolve spiritually. I have done past life regressions to see if there is anything karmic behind it, delved into inner child work, shadow work, as well as typical psychology to deal with my experiences in life.

Here is the conclusion I recently came to though, and trust me when I say I’ve had a lot of time since I have been recently plunged back in to facing the chronic illness challenge. It just doesn’t matter.

All of this stuff can be true, and still not matter. This is because we do exist in a human body, and no matter how spiritually evolved we may be, we still need to address and deal with issues within this physical vessel (maybe with the exception of a few very enlightened people, not there yet).

This isn’t to say the inner work isn’t worth doing, it absolutely is. Inner work is lifelong, and facing challenges isn’t the only reason to dive deep. What I have realised though, is while the inner work is important for my healing on many levels, including physical, this isn’t in the absence of 3D strategies.

I still need to see doctors, take medicines, try various healing modalities, and ultimately give myself the loving care I need.

This spiritual truth is valid, but like many spiritual truths, it isn’t in opposition to earth based realities. It is actually in tandem with them, and both areas are part of healing.

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