Twin flames, divine counterparts & deep soul connections: A deeper truth

If you are reading this page right now, it’s likely that you find yourself on this path whether you wanted to be or not.

You have probably read extensively on it, trying to decide if this is really what is happening to you, or if you are just experiencing yet another soul lesson (equally valuable, but we tend to judge our own paths).

Amongst experts, you will find a variety of opinions; that they don’t exist, that it’s just karmic, that twin flames aren’t meant to come together, or that they are once you have healed. It can all leave you feeling a bit overwhelmed, and likely no closer to feeling any certainty.

Sometimes this information comes from spiritual gurus, other times it’s from those who have come into union, and of course from those not in union but very much on the path.

At times it can feel as if the community surrounding this idea has formed its own religion, other times it can feel as if no one understands and that you are on this path alone…you aren’t by the way, it’s just a feeling. Ego plays nasty tricks.

The conclusion I ended up coming to? It actually doesn’t really matter, this isn’t an uncommon experience in reality, you can join a group to feel less alone, or just explore on your own. I find the labels are really very irrelevant, if you find yourself exploring this topic it is because you are having some sort of deep connection, and likely it isn’t going how you would like.

No one outside of you can tell you if this is really a twin flame experience or isn’t, only you know (doubt is normal too for everyone). Equally, no one can actually make a generalisation that twin flames are meant to come together or aren’t. Since like many things in life it is an individual journey, there is no outside source that can say how it is or isn’t meant to go.

There is also no rulebook. You aren’t required to let go, or move on, or any other action that someone may have told you is needed. The deeper truth is no matter what, you are exactly where you are meant to be right now, and there are no real mistakes. So flow with it, enjoy the highs, curse the lows, and surf the waves of what is a very difficult path.

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