I have always loved writing, and while I’ve never been the greatest story teller, getting my thoughts out there on paper no matter what they are has been something incredibly therapeutic and calming for me.

Mostly, I love to write about my thoughts on things. Over the years I have had a number of blogs, but since they were on passing interests I tended to end up not maintaining them and eventually deleting them.

Writing about my spiritual path however feels a bit more authentic and long term, basically because there will never be a point that spirituality stops mattering to me.

Coming from a non religious background, and spending a great many years holding strong atheist beliefs, finding myself on a spiritual path was definitely a big surprise to say the least.

To this day I do not like to identify with any particular religion, but enthusiastically explore a great variety of them, drawing influences and teachings from many sources to find my own individual path.

This exploration has shown me how valuable all religions are, and also, how much they are pretty much trying to teach the same thing at their core.

Coming from a more scientific approach however, I tend to look at all ideas with a bit of questioning and rationality, finding how it fits in with my beliefs, and if I can logically make sense of it. I have become very open minded despite this, and find my intuition never fails me, so I have learnt to trust what feels right even if I can’t yet make sense of it.

Finding integration, healing, and unity within myself is the purpose to writing this blog. I feel I connect better with my thoughts when I express them, and have reached a point I would like to connect with the community at large as a way of deepening that connection I already feel with all that is.


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